I never thought I would be able to purchase a recent vehicle due to past credit problems. A loan specialist at a participating dealer evaluated my financial situation and once the loan approved, they provided me with a recent vehicle and a reasonable monthly payment. Now I can rebuild my credit.

Collette T., Winnipeg, MB.

I needed a minivan for my small family at an affordable price. Unfortunately my credit was handicapped due to some earlier financial problems. Ultimately the loan was approved at a participating dealer where I drove away with it the following day. I can rebuild my credit and I also have a more recent vehicle. Thank you very much.

Michellel D., Kelowna, B.C.

I found their Web site while searching for car loans and it was a good decision to have dealt with AutoCredit.ca. My credit was not so good, but I got the financing and found the car I wanted at one of their participating dealers. I could not have found a better service!

Domenic N., Calgary, AB.

I had visited several automobile dealerships that advertised 2nd chance credit services. But the results were not encouraging, and the choice of vehicles was limited. Thanks to AutoCredit.ca, I was able to choose a vehicle I wanted at their participating dealer’s lot. Great service!

Jean R., Lévis, QC.

Here is what I appreciated with service provided by AutoCredit.ca. 1. Completed the application from the comfort of my home, 2. Received multiple offers, 3. Vast and recent vehicle choice, 4. Professionalism. Thank you for an impeccable service.

Pierre L., Fredericton, NB.

After several unsuccessful attempts at obtaining a loan from various banks, I succeeded in getting a loan through AutoCredit.ca. I am very satisfied with my car and the service provided by Autocredit.ca. Now I can also rebuild my credit.

Christine A., Mississauga, ON.

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